Assessment #1

The students will be working on this assignment throughout the unit.  Each student will have a 3-prong folder with handouts as well as their notes inside.  The students will have been given this workbook during the first lesson and will be informed what must be included throughout the lessons.

The students will be graded on whether or not their workbooks include:

  • Class discussion notes
  • All handouts – with necessary notes
  • Evidence that they kept up with their show/movie/magazine at home
  • Evidence of critical thinking and a greater depth of thought when analyzing the various shows/movies/magazines
  • The students will have a final page long reflection that they must write during the last part of the final class.
    • Within this reflection the students must have a closing statement; their opinion on the media’s idea of masculinity, femininity and body image.
  • Responses, notes and thoughts on other people’s presentations
    • Evidence that they have paid attention during the group presentations
  • The students will not be graded on sheer quantity of work
    • All assigned activities must be included, however the quality of the critical thinking will be what is observed

This collective assignment will allow the teacher to ensure that the students understand what was being taught in the unit.  It would also allow the teacher to make any changes, improvements to the unit.

Grading Scheme /25
Discussion notes /5
Handouts & notes  /2
Notes from work at home /5
Group project responses /2
Final reflection /8
Evidence of critical thinking /3


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