I have chosen an eighth grade classroom in a public school.  This classroom is situated in the suburbs of New Brunswick, fifteen minutes from Saint John, a large city.  There are approximately 300 students who attend this school; the students come from middle/lower working class households.  About 65% of the students come from the surrounding neighborhoods of the area, while the other 35% are from the trailer park ten minutes away. The ratio of girls to boys is about 50/50, varying slightly from classroom to classroom.  Within my classroom where the students are from, is also roughly divided by 65%/35%.  I have a total of 21 students, 11 boys and 10 girls.

New Brunswick

As a teacher, I have access to 100 Dell laptops, which are owned by the school, as well as a wireless network.  Teachers can sign out laptops for their students for a lesson within the classroom.  However, twice a week, the students have a 35 minute computer period during which time a teacher instructs them how to use the various applications on the laptops; Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, etc.   The students are also taught how to create websites, movies, photo collages, sound bites, etc.   Each teacher is provided with a Dell laptop to be used for lesson plans, grading, faculty emails, and other classroom necessities.  The classrooms are equipped with a printer, and a projector, which the instructor’s laptop can be hooked up to to show movies, other videos, online examples or anything else.   The projector would allow me to demonstrate what the students can and should be doing on their own computers.


For each of these 50-minute classes I would have between 5 to 21 laptops signed out, depending on if the lesson plan calls for groups or not.  I am also going to assume that each student has access to a computer and the Internet at home.  This unit take place over a 4-week period (2 lessons per week), except for the 9th and 10th class (which would take place 2 weeks after the 8th class).


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