Lesson #1 – Introduction to Subject


  • Projector
  • Instructor’s laptop
  • 21 3-prong folders

This lesson would primarily be for introductory purposes.  It would serve as an introduction to the unit as a whole as well as everything we will be talking about.  This lesson will also serve as a brief introduction to the 2 assignments due at the end of the unit.  (these assignments will be explained better throughout future lessons)

It is incredibly important for the students to understand what the unit will be covering so that they can prepare themselves for how they must approach the work and activities.   It must be understood that many students will have never been taught how to examine the media critically.  Many parents never teach their children not to take everything that the media tells them to heart.  Therefore the students will be on a variety of levels of understanding when beginning this unit.  It is important that the teacher keeps this in mind as discussions take place and personal views are placed on the table.

At the very beginning of the lesson the teacher would handout 3-prong folders to each student.  The students would then be instructed to put some lined paper into the folders.  They would be informed that this is their Unit workbook, and throughout the unit they will be asked to take notes, write their thoughts, etc..  At the end of the unit, as a part of their mark, the workbooks will be collected. (See Assessment #1)  Throughout the unit the students will be informed what they need to include in the workbooks.

To begin the lesson you must establish exactly what the students know about the media and what types of messages they are interpreting from its message. Therefore the lesson would begin with a brainstorming session.  The students would be given the words masculinity, femininity and body image and asked what they think when they hear them.  The student’s answers would be written on the board.  The students would then be asked from what media outlets do you get various messages about masculinity, femininity and body image from?  What are these media outlets saying?  This discussion and brainstorming session would last approximately 30 minutes, with all of the student’s thoughts and ideas being written on the board.

The teacher would then go into a brief explanation of how the media influences people’s understanding of the terms, and that by the end of this unit the students should be able to watch and read much more critically.

For the final 15 minutes of the class the teacher would ask for a list of 5 magazines, 5 TV shows (can be canceled shows) and 5 movies that the students believe best demonstrate the media’s messages of masculinity, femininity and body image.  The teacher would then divide the students up into 4 groups of 4, with 1 group of 5.  The students must then pick one magazine, one TV show and one movie that they are going to watch/read for the duration of the unit.   The details of the assignment will be explained later on in the unit.

Lesson Activity:

  • Brainstorming session
    • Answering questions
  • Starting the unit workbook
  • Creation of the list of shows/movies/magazines
    • Creation of 5 groups for final project


Group 1 – Degrassi the Next Generation/Mean Girls/People Magazine


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