Lesson #10 – Presentation of Assignments & Final Reflection


  • Projector
  • 5 laptops
  • Teacher’s laptop
  • Any other materials being used by the students
    • DVD’s
    • CD’S

The objective of the final class is to first, finish the presentation of the projects.  However, once this is complete, it is important that the teacher, for the final time, ensures the students understand the unit.  Through their final discussion as well as reflection in the notebook, the students will have the opportunity to ask questions as well as demonstrate their knowledge of the subject.  This class, for the final time, allows the students to voice their opinions and thoughts on the TV/movies/magazines idea of masculinity, femininity and body image.


During this final class the rest of the groups of students would present their projects to the class.  The students would be once again taking notes while the students present.  If there is time, the students would have the opportunity to have a discussion, where any unanswered questions would be addressed by their peers (and the teacher if need be).

The students would have the final 20 minutes of class to write their final reflection in their workbook.  This must be a reflection on what they have learned throughout the unit.  The students must demonstrate their ability to think critically and create a final statement on the subject of the medias idea of masculinity, femininity and body image. The workbooks would then be collected by the teacher.

Lesson Activity:

  • Final group of presentations by the students
  • 20 minute final reflection in workbook
  • Final class discussion where the students address what they now think about the media and its influence. (if there is time)


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