Lesson #3 – Commercials/Ads

–    Projector
–    Teacher’s laptop
–    21 printed copies of 3-4 ads from various magazines

This lesson would focus on television commercials and magazine ads.  The class would be discussing and examining a variety of commercials from TV.  These commercials would be ones that are relevant to the unit’s topic.  (therefore there would be ads that place masculinity or femininity into a stereotype, or advocate the “perfect body”)  Two examples of commercials that would be shown can bee seen under the lesson activity section of this lesson plan.

The students would also be examining ads from a variety of magazines that are also relevant to the unit’s topic.  These would be ads selected by the teacher and handed to the students.  By observing the two types of mediums (selling via TV commercial/magazine ad) and the way they convey their messages, the students should have a better understanding of how the media affects them as consumers and their decisions.

The lesson would begin with the teacher asking the students if they think that they are influenced by commercials and why.  The teacher would then ask for examples of commercials from TV that the students believe best demonstrate the units theme of masculinity, femininity and body image. The teacher would ask questions such as which commercials/ads idealize masculinity and femininity? What commercials/ads represent a positive or negative body image?  The teacher would then have approximately 4-5 commercials ready on YouTube (laptop hooked up to projector) The students would watch each commercial and then write a brief comment about its message of masculinity, femininity or body image in their unit workbook.  After watching each commercial the students would have the opportunity to share what they thought about the commercial

The teacher would then hand out a copy of 3-4 magazine ads to each student to be placed in that student’s workbook.  A discussion would begin on whether or not the students believe that they are affected by ads in magazines.  What draws their attention?  Do they even pay attention?

Lesson Activity:

  • Opening class discussion
  • Watch commercials on YouTube
    • Write thoughts about the commercial in the workbooks
  • Look at ads on the handouts
  • Write thoughts about the ads in the workbook


Axe Commercial:

Old Spice Commercial:


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