Lesson #4 – TV Shows


  • Projector
  • 21 laptops
  • Teacher’s laptops
  • Episode from Gossip Girl (DVD rented from a video store)

This lesson will be about television shows.  More and more students are watching nightly TV, and therefore are absorbing numerous different versions of masculinity and femininity, as well as various ideas of ideal boy image.   It is imperative that students are educated how to view these shows objectively; therefore the next two lessons are devoted entirely to the study of TV.

This class is an introduction to the world of TV as well as reexamination of the shows that were selected during the first class for the final assignment.

The lesson would begin with the teacher once again examining the list of 5 TV shows that the students came up with.   The teacher would explain that the students must continue watching these shows (weather or not they are to “girly” or “manly”).  While watching the shows the students must, like with the magazines, look out for the key topics; messages of masculinity, femininity and body image.  To help the students with their understanding of what they should be looking for and taking notes on a show that they are not using will be examined.  (Gossip Girl is going to be used for this lesson plan).

To ensure that the students are taking notes while watching the show, the students would get out their Unit workbooks and write down the names of the main characters.  (Chuck, Dan, Serena, Blair, Nate, Vanessa, Jenny would be written on the board) The students must write notes about things they noticed from the characters as well as the overall show on the paper.  The teacher would then play an episode from Gossip Girl on their laptop, which would take until the end of class.

Lesson Activity:

  • Examining the TV shows selected by the students
  • Explanation of what the students must do while watching the episode (as well as when they are at home)
  • Taking notes in their unit workbooks (character names & notes)
  • Watching an episode of Gossip Girl

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