Lesson #5 – TV Show

–    21 laptops
–    Projector
–    Gossip Girl DVD
–    Instructor’s laptop


This lesson is a continuation of lesson 4.  This class would mainly be for examining what was watched and learned in the previous lesson.  By the end of this lesson the students should have a clearer understanding of what they should be looking for when analyzing TV shows for their projects.

The beginning of the class would be spent finishing up the Gossip Girl episode if it hadn’t been finished during the previous lesson.  Upon completion of the episode the students will be asked to look at their notes and find the characters (one male one female) that they believe best represents the industry’s idea of masculinity/femininity/body image. The students will then enter a discussion where they must explain why they have chosen this/these particular character(s).  They must justify their reasoning and have evidence from the show.   The students are supposed to be taking notes throughout the discussion.   The teacher will guide the discussion to where it needs to go; the teacher explaining that this is what they will have to do during their final project.

Lesson Activity:

  • Finish watching Gossip Girl
  • Notes in workbook while watching
  • Class discussion
  • Picking two characters
    • Discussing the characters and explaining why they were chosen

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