Lesson #6 – Movies

– 21 laptops
– Projector
– Instructor’s laptop
– 10 Things I Hate About You DVD

For the next two units the class will be examining movies.  This class will introduce the students to what they need to do while watching the movie selected.  A brief introduction to the methods that the students will use while watching their groups movie will take place.  However, the focus of this class is to ensure that the students are taking good notes while watching 10 Things I Hate About You.   The students will be paying attention to the particular characters in the movie, their mannerisms, looks and how they relate to the unit’s theme.

The lesson would begin with the teacher once again reexamining the 5 movies selected by the students, and ensuring that the students have watched/will watch the movie soon.  The teacher will once again select a movie that is relevant to the topic, but is not one of those selected by the students.  (for this lesson it will be 10 Things I Hate About You).

The teacher will then ask the students to take out their workbooks once again and write the names of the main characters from the movie.  (Bianca, Patrick, Kat, Cameron and Joey) Like with the TV exercise, while watching the movie the students must make notes under the names that they believe are relevant to the topic.  They must also make notes about the movie’s messages as a whole.
Lesson Activity

  • Discuss the messages from movies
  • Name a variety of favorite film stars
  • Make a list (similar to the TV show part) of the characters from the movie
  • Watch the movie while taking notes about the character’s personalities and image

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