Lesson #7 – Movies


  • 21 laptops
  • Projector
  • Instructor’s laptop
  • 10 Things I Hate About You DVD

The goal of this class is to ensure the students understood what they were supposed to while watching the movie.  To do this, the students will be engaging in a discussion similar to that of lesson 5.  The difference will be that the students will have watched these characters from start to finish.  In TV the story of the character develops and continues, in movies you are able to see the character from start to finish.  This issue will be brought to the attention of the students during the discussion.

The lesson would begin with the students watching the final 30 minutes of the movie, continuing to make notes throughout.

After finishing the movie the students will then turn their chairs into a circle and a discussion will begin.  The teacher will go through each character, with the students raising their hands to discuss their notes on the character.  The questions asked by the teacher for each character will be:

  • Does this character portray “ideal” masculinity/femininity?
  • Does this character portray the “ideal” body image?
  • Is this character realistic?
  • What does this character contribute to the movie as a whole?
  • You were able to see the entire development, from start to finish, of this character.  Do you think they change?

This discussion will take up the rest of the class and will be continued during the next class.  These questions are the types of questions the students should be posing when working on their final project.

Lesson Activity:

  • Finish watching the movie
  • In depth class discussion
    • Addressing questions that will be posed when doing final assignment
    • Discussion might be continued during the next class

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