Lesson #8 – Introduction of Final Assignment


  • 5 laptops
  • Projector
  • Instructor’s laptop
  • Final Assignment handout
    • Explanation and grading scheme

This class will be an opportunity for the students to gain a further understanding of what is expected of them during the project.  This class is for students to ask any questions to the teacher.  Any clarifications needed for the project will be cleared up during the class.  After the class is over, it is up to the students to complete their final projects.  By allowing the students to work during class time, the teacher will have the opportunity to ensure that each student understand what is expected of them in regards to the project.

For the first 20 minutes of the class the discussion from the previous lesson will be continued.

After the discussion is complete, the students will be asked to get into their groups and select one person to be on one of the 5 laptops.  The student will get out their workbooks, where they should have been making notes from class as well as at home.  The teacher will then pass around the final assignment handout.  On the handout (as you can see in Assessment #2).  There will be a list of what is required in the project as well as how the grading works.  It will also be explained that the final 2 classes will be held in 2 weeks, when the project are due.

The students will then have the rest of the class to work in their groups on the project.  They will use the computers to do research and type notes.  The students are expected to discuss each others notes that they have taken during class as well as at home.

Lesson Activity:

  • Finish class discussion from lesson 7
  • Students get into their groups to discuss and work on their projects
    • Teacher will answer any questions from the students

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