Lesson #9 – Pressentation of Assignments


  • Projector
  • 5 laptops
  • Teacher’s laptop
  • Any other materials being used by the students
    • DVD’s
    • CD’S

Today’s lesson would allow the students to demonstrate what they have learned during the unit.  The entire lesson will be devoted to the students and their projects.  The teacher will be purely observing and helping the students with respect to the technical aspect (hooking projector up, etc.)

The other students, who will be taking notes throughout their classmate’s presentation, will be observing and asking questions at the end.

This class would take place 2 weeks after the previous class, allowing the students time to complete their projects.  The entire 50-minute class will be devoted to the presentation of the student’s assignments.  The students each have 10-15 minutes, with a bit of time at the end of their presentation for questions from the class.  Throughout the presentations the students not presenting will be taking notes (which are required in their final workbook).  The teacher will not be incredibly involved, unless they feel as though inappropriate questions are being asked, or not enough are being asked. In the likelihood that the projects are not all presented, the presentations will be continued during the next lesson.

Lesson Activity:

  • Final project presentations
  • Students writing notes in their workbooks
  • Questions at the end of each presentation

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