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Technology has been shaping our world for years. From the age when fire was discovered, when we used stones to build, to when we began using metals and electricity and engines. Every year we create new creations, and lately, new models of already invented things. The phone, computer, television, etc. have all gone through remodeling, and it seems as though new technologies are becoming obsolete as soon as you can shell out the money to purchase it.

With such an expanding market and developing technologies what hope can we have for ourselves, as teachers, keeping up with the it, much less our students. However, we are now approaching the new generation of teachers being in the schools. While teachers now have many opportunities to learn about using technology, the teachers who will be employed in schools in the next few years will have grown up with the use of computers, mp3 players, DVD players, computer applications, as well as a profound knowledge of the internet.

While many students have grown up with access to computers and many other technologies, there are numerous students who do not have the means to access such things. Therefore it is extremely important that students have access to computers at schools, and that they are taught how to properly use the computer’s resources.

“Teaching with and about technology is much more complex than the educational climate suggests. Meaningful uses of technology require an integrated knowledge of content, pedagogy and technology and how they work together to comprise learning environments”. It is incredibly important that teachers are given the necessary knowledge and tools and then pass them on to their students. We must be educated to then completely and adequately educate our students.

I only really began using computers at the very end of elementary school (grade 4 & 5) with an introduction to typing in grade 3. However, my knowledge and use of computers was limited to writing stories and book reports on Microsoft word. Grades 6 – 8 (my middle school) were filled with further use of Microsoft word and the Internet. I had essays and projects that needed to be done, but each one only really required Word and the Internet. This continued on throughout High School. Although in grades 10 through 12 I had a mandatory laptop, there was still much to be discovered. I only wish that I had the opportunity to use computers more in school.
There are so many interesting websites and resources now that students have access to; they only need to be shown how. The discovery channel and other such learning websites are at the fingertips. There are applications and games that encourage learning, while are fun and entertaining for the less interested student. More and more schools are incorporating computers into the students daily activities. Instead of just textbooks, students have the opportunity to use both the textbook and the computer. Slowly, but surely an increasing number of students have completely and constant access to these computers. Along with computers in schools come cameras, video cameras, DVD’s, smart boards, etc. While not all schools have access to all of these things, many do. Increasing students’ ability to be creative and technologically proficient.

Therefore, with an increasing number of students who are computer literate it is important that their teachers are too versed in the ways of technology. Without a vast knowledge of all technological practices and the ability to incorporate them into the classroom, how can we hope to educate the 21st century student?

Computers can be incredibly confusing

Computers can be incredibly confusing

A student learning from a computer

A student learning from a computer


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